Photos from Mazama Ridge Tours


 Never ski in avalanche terrain without proper training and equipment.

 Always check the avalanche conditions before starting your tour!


The Mazama Ridge Tour is a classic and the most popular intermediate to advanced tour at Mt. Rainier. It starts at the Paradise parking lot then follows the Paradise Valley road for about one mile. Next it ascends the 4th crossing trail to Mazama Ridge. It follows the ridge through open sub-alpine meadows and forested hills down to reflection Lakes. The return trip is via the bypass trial and the Narada Falls trail (advanced) or Stevens Canyon Road and Paradise Valley Road (intermediate). Both roads are closed to cars and snowmobiles in the winter. The advanced tour round trip distance is seven miles. This tour gains and loses a total of 1500 feet elevation. The intermediate level tour is five miles, it gains and loses 1000 feet. These tours are not for couch potatoes. You must be in adequate condition to enjoy it. The tour's decent is on a moderately forested hillside requiring a skier to step turn uphill from a traverse to come to a stop and then kick turn to change direction. Completing either of these tours is quite an adventure and offers a great sense of accomplishment.



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