Here is a Gift Shop near Mount Rainier, that has unique gifts.

  If you are traveling to Mt. Rainier this summer and you like excellent craftsmanship,
       Stop in at a studio gallery of fine woodworking :     The
    Wonderful World of Hardwoods
                  Toys      Cutting Boards      Lamps
                  Rolling Pins     Vases     Bowls
                   Earrings       Mortar & Pestles

             A Rural Renaissance of the Cottage Industry
                          Specializing in Rare and Figured Hardwoods
                                   Old Fashioned Handcrafted Quality

      Hardwood vases.                                 Yew wood lamp.                                Koa and Walnut bowl.
Sensational Gift Ideas

 How to care for
Wooden Kitchen Utensils


Now, by request, online shopping !
Echoes of the Past

A gift shop of ancient art and science


Ed Strauss woodworker and wood turner has been in business for 27 years , with over 12,000 hours of lathe experience. It really shows in the creativity of his designs and the quality of craftsmanship.
From raw materials to finished products. Harvesting and utilizing our renewable resources. If you have a large tree that needs removing contact us, if its worth our while will remove it for free!
                                                                              Sawing up a Yew wood  log.             Harvesting a Walnut tree in Eatonville          Don't try this at home.

 What's new for August 2002

No stains or dyes, all colors are the natural color of the wood itself.

    For the Toys, Cutting Boards, and rolling pins I use mineral oil. It's the only finish that is tasteless, colorless, odorless and harmless. For the decorative pieces like Lamps and Vases I use a Tung Oil finish.

Desert Ironwood, Ariz.                                      Yew wood, Wa.
                                                                                        Locust, oak, wa.; koa, Hi.                                                       Sturdy toys last for years
Before and after photos of products made from domestic trees.


Photo Archive 3

Two hundred items available, stock is constantly changing, new items weekly.
Most items priced between $10 and $40, items pictured $10-$108 (train).

Here is my latest craft, flint knapping. I call them my stone age nic-nacs.


Not all products are pictured, stop in to check out my:
  1. Candle bases

  2. Rolling pins

  3. Paper towel holders

  4. Mortar and Pestles

  5. Spoons

  6. Gemstone and wood Necklaces

  7. Earrings

  8. Polished rocks from Western Washington

  9. Artifacts and fossils (arrowheads and petrified wood)

Craftsman Direct Prices (no middlemen)
                                                               Cutting boards made from Walnut, Maple, Birch, and more.    Toys made from solid, sturdy hardwood.

The Wonderful World of Hardwoods  

is open by appointment

please call 360-569-2271

To shop online, click on the link below
Echoes of the Past

A gift shop of ancient art and science

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