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    Dear Mr. Strauss, We have passed by your shop for many years, but never stopped in. Recently a family member recommended you, so we stopped in last weekend. We are so glad we did!        Mrs. F.    Tacoma, Washington


thank you so much for contacting me. i called my sister and i had given you an old address and i didn't realize. it's nice ordering from you because you're so personal, because you're not a giant generic company. here is her new address:___ thank you again!!!    jm    new york



Dear Mr. Strauss! After coming back to your website again and again over the years I just wanted to thank you for all the efforts you have put into this site. Quite often I have found answers here with you. As a collector (and seller) of petrified wood I am always very careful not to claim to know something I cannot really prove and I do enjoy your words on all the nonsense spread on fairs and ebay.
Many greetings from Vienna, Austria
Sincerely P H 


Hi Ed,
Thank you for replying to my email so quickly.  I sent my order by mail, so
you should receive it in a few days.  I was pleased to find your nice products
on the Internet.  My 8 year old grandson has requested an arrowhead for
Christmas, so thanks to you, he will be happy.
T   Idaho

    I received the arrowhead necklace yesterday. It is awesome!
Thank you,
T   Idaho


Thanks for the work and the information on my arrowhead.   Got it Saturday and it looks great. Thanks again for the quality work and quick response.
            M R      Ohio


    Ed,    Received the knife today - Stunning.                                                                                         

Thanks for the smooth transaction.        J R  Wisconsin      

    I got them (arrowhead necklaces) on Sat. they look great.

            Mike     Seattle


Mr. Strauss:
I was happy to see your website.  The maple rolling pin we bought from
you about 20 years ago is still a mainstay of our kitchen.  We have
other things from you and have bought for friends as well.  We get up to
the northwest (from Los Angeles) once every year or two, and maybe once
in four years drive to Mt. Rainier.  We always look for your shop.  Now
we know to call ahead and find out when you will be in.

Hugh    California


i received the package (arrowhead necklace) and it is great.  thank you.

colby   Connecticut   


Your little beauty showed up today (flint knife with maple burl handle).  Thanks.  It's a gem.
Tim    Virginia


   Hello Ed,
     I received the necklace today, Thank you very much for the great item,
        Rob      Florida

I received them (arrowhead necklaces) and they're great.....I know my kids will love them, thank you again

Leslie    California


I got them yesterday (arrowhead necklace and knife blade).  They are beautiful!
Thanks so much,
Annette      Texas


Thanks Ed,
I arrived in Austria two days ago and the arrowhead necklace was already
waiting for me. It looks really amazing and unique - I have never seen such
a real looking arrowhead before. Thank you for your efforts and the smooth
handling. I hope you keep on making these beautiful artworks for a long
Best wishes,
Maria    Austria


Can't wait to see the 3 (rolling pins).  Am about to go make pies with the purple heart one you made and I bought about 10 years ago.  It has been to Hawaii for 3 years; and most recently to Germany for a year with us.  Does a wonderful job.  I am so glad you had a web site and I could get some for my family for this Christmas.
Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving.
Lorraine    Fresno


I rec'd the obsidian arrow head necklace today. I am very happy that I decided to get it because it is so beautiful the way you put it together. Your work is extremely skilled  & I know my son will like the necklace.
Thanks again-
Kathleen       Washington


(Petrified) Wood (rounds) arrived in good shape.  Good quality and accurate identification.
   Jerry WY



            Rec’d the arrowhead necklaces, 104 and 174….again…you do very nice work. They will be Christmas gifts next month. Thanks again, and I hope your holidays are special.        Tim…  OH  

Dear Mr. Strauss:

Your work is truly beautiful!  I was completely awed and had a hard time making my choices! Wow… I don’t know what to say – the rest of you work is equally fantastic! I book marked your showroom and will be back.  Thank you for the unique necklaces.  I will cherish them forever. 

Susan   Montana  


Greetings Ed!
I promised I would let you know when I received the necklace.  I received it today!
Not only was I surprised to receive it so soon.....but it is much better than I anticipated.  I want to thank you for your personal attention, your prompt service, and the quality of your product.
Thanks Ed.  It made my day.
Rex        New Mexico


Mr. Strauss,
The necklace came in today's mail. It looks great, my sister will be thrilled.
                                              Thank you, Charles        Tennessee 


Thank you Ed.  Received it (arrowhead necklace) last week and it looks great.

Jack     Idaho


My grandson was very thrilled with his (arrowhead) necklace.  Thanks.

Pat         Colorado



Thank you, Ed. Thank you so much! They (arrowhead necklaces) are beautiful! I'll be looking for new items on your site when winter sets in : ) Christmas is coming you know! Happy knapping to you!
                                           Rhonda      Arizona


I love them (arrowhead necklaces), they are great . They are so distinctive. I am going to wear them proudly.

William        Pennsylvania 



I just wanted to let you know that my grandson received the (arrowhead) necklace on Wednesday.  He wears it everyday.  Thanks again.

Diane     Texas


Hi, ED thanks very much for the order (arrowhead necklaces) and good communication, Ill look forward in doing business with you in the future.

Thanks,  William    New York



Hi Ed,
First of all, I just wanted to let you know that I received the two arrowhead necklaces I ordered from you this week.  They arrived in a package from my parents, and I must say, they are really nice.  Thank you.  Second, I would like to reserve another if I may.
Best regards,  Derrick   Spain



                        I received my two arrowhead necklaces this past Sat. 8/18, and am

            Very pleased with both of them. You do very nice work. Thank-You.

Tim    Ohio



I received it (arrowhead) today! And, it is beautiful! It will be a very special addition to our arrow.
Thank you very much!
Leah    Texas


Dear Mr. Strauss,

What beautiful (arrowhead) necklaces!  Thank you so much for your fast shipping.  I would like to reserve #154 for another friend of mine.  I will be sending a check as soon as you confirm.
Thanks again
Ray    Connecticut


My nephews and husband all loved their necklaces!  My nephews wore theirs down the wedding aisle...Loved it.  Thanks so much!
Pam   Texas


Thanks! Got it today (arrowhead necklace). It's beautiful. Perfect gift for my best friend.
Thanks again,
Tony    North Carolina


Received the arrowheads (necklaces) this week.  Thanks,,,,,, they are beautiful.   

Linda and Sam     Ohio


Hi Ed, Just want you to know that I received the two necklaces today already & they are beautiful. My son is really into arrowhead hunting & he is going to love the necklace. I am sending a money order for another (#173) in the morning. Thank you so much. Their beautiful.
Shirley    Florida

 Hi Ed,
  I saw your beautiful necklaces and was wondering...would you be able to make one for me if I sent you one of my arrowheads? 

 You did a beautiful job!!  I got the necklace on Friday and it looks great!!!  Thank you again!!

Barbara    Pennsylvania


Hi Ed,
I received the (gemstone) necklace and it is BEAUTIFUL!  I am certain my wife will love it.  Thank you so much.
Tom  New Jersey


Thanks Ed,  Justin is absolutely thrilled with the piece (arrowhead necklace). I in turn will be ordering one for myself before too long.

Dave    Colorado



Sorry it's taken so long for me to write you. The (arrowhead) necklace arrived a while ago and it's fantastic. I'm an archaeologist in Connecticut, Central Connecticut State University. I teach a course in experimental archaeology and have banged on my share of rocks. You do great work and I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the necklace.

Take care,    Kenny



Hi Ed;

Received  (arrowhead necklace) #168 and am very pleased with it, nice workmanship.

Will recommend your site to my buckskinning buddies.

Thanks Greg   Maine


Regarding the necklace you made from my arrowhead:


Ricky     Georgia


Just got everything (arrowhead necklaces ,gemstone necklace, obsidian knife) Wow what works of art,,,,Eskimo people here at red dog mine Alaska love your work, museum look to them!!!!!!!

Joe    Alaska


Thanks for your hospitality today.  Very enjoyable and thanks for the arrowhead, nice work.
 We stopped at Riffe lake and picked up several nice samples of the local petrified wood right where you said they would be found. 

Thanks, Jim        Washington


Hello Ed
Just wanted to let you know we received the arrowheads (necklaces) over the weekend and they are great.
Happy Holidays


Dawn    Connecticut


Hi Ed,

I am delighted to say that I received the necklace this morning. I am absolutely thrilled with it, it is exactly what I

 wanted! I would like to thank you for your patience (through sending overseas and payment) and your exceptional


Thanks again!

Lyndsey     England


Hi Ed.
I love my necklace(#134). I was wondering if #183 was available?

Carolyn      Pennsylvania


Hi Ed. 

 I wanted to let you know I got my (arrowhead) necklace and I think it looks amazing.  It was nice doing

 business with you.

Allen      Georgia 


Thanks so much for the arrowhead necklaces I ordered.
I gave them to my kids the other night and they LOVE them !!

Rebekah     Pennsylvania



Arrow (head necklace) arrived today, I am thrilled with it, it looks even better than the picture! I'll be showing a friend and if he likes it I may buy another one for him
Simon        United Kingdom


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