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Frequently asked questions

Q: Who makes all these wonderful things?

A: Ed Strauss has been a hardwood craftsman for over 40 years. He makes all the items that are made of wood. He also hand knaps all of the arrowheads, dart points, and knife blades. He paints the NW coastal style art. He collects, identifies, and does the lapidary work on the petrified wood. He could be considered a Renaissance man, with his wide range of interests. Two other web sites he has are: a studio gallery of fine woodworking,    petrified wood from Western Washington,  and  Back country skiing at Mt. Rainier.

Q: How long has this business been in operation?

A: Ed Strauss has been in business since 1971, just over 41 years.

Q: How long has he been at the current location?

A: Since 1974 about 38 years?

Q: Where is this business actually located? Can I go there?

A: It's located in Eatonville, Washington, USA; which is half way between Tacoma and Mt. Rainier. Yes, you can visit the show room and work shops. Details.

Q: Are these products guaranteed? 

A: Yes, your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. If you are not happy for any reason with your purchase you can receive a full refund minus shipping if the merchandise is returned in good shape. Amazingly enough over the last 36 years no one has ever returned anything Ed has made because it: was defective, broke, or even wore out. The things he makes, if cared for will last a lifetime or longer.

Q: What if the post office loses my package?

A: Each shipment is insured through the post office for loss or damage.  

Q. What are the current rates that the Post Office charges for shipping and insurance?

A. Click here to view a chart of the current rates.

Q. Why don't you take credit cards anymore?

A. Ed accepted major credit cards for 28 years. The percentage and fees kept going up until they were about 8 %. In 2002 the minimum annual fee went from $40 to $280. That would have meant an overall average of 25% of every sale going to the bank. Ed didn't want to raise prices so he canceled the service. All purchases are now made by check or money order.

Q: How can I be sure that the item I want won't be sold by the time my order blank arrives in the mail. 

A. Everything is sold first come first served. Every single item is  hand made and one of a kind so to guarantee a purchase you must call (360.569.2271) or E-mail and reserve it. Ed can hold it until your order form and payment arrives. 

Q. What is opalized wood and why is it so expensive?

A. Opalized wood is a special kind of petrified wood that only occurs in a few places in the world. Eastern Washington is one of those places and that is where Ed has collected his material. Opalized wood has a special amorphous internal structure and was one material used by Native Americans from Eastern Washington to make their beautiful arrowheads. Another reason that some of the opalized wood arrow heads are more expensive is because they are not only made from a rare material, but they have also been scientifically identified as to the actual type of tree they represent. To our knowledge these are the only identified opalized wood arrowheads offered for sale anywhere in the world!!

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