Back Country Skiing Equipment Checklist
    The U S National Park Service lists these 10 essentials for all back country travel:
  1.     pocket knife
  2.     matches
  3.     flash light
  4.     fire starter
  5.     sun protection
  6.     map
  7.     compass
  8.     first aid kit
  9.     extra food
  10.     extra clothing
 You will also need these items : Here is a list of additional things you might need : Here is a list for the car: The actual equipment and supplies you bring along will vary with each outing depending on 4 things:
  1.     the weather    (this will effect appropriate clothing the most)
  2.     where you are skiing    ( you don't need avalanche beacons in Barn Flats)
  3.     your ability    (beginners don't need knee pads)
  4.     your disposable income    ( not everyone can afford Telemark skis and climbing skins)
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