ACERACEAE Acer momijiyamense

Transverse view 40X

This photo shows: growth rings distinct, with marginal parenchyma; diffuse porous, vessels solitary and in radial multiples of 2-3 common occasional 4-let, m.t.d. 80 mc., 50-55 per sq. mm.; rays 7-10 per mm.


Transverse view 100X

Notice how the widest rays are as wide as the widest vessels.


Tangential view 100X

This photo shows: rays 1-5 common, occasional 6 seriate. This view through the microscope also showed vessel pit alt., v.e.l. 300 mc., but did not photograph clearly.


Radial view 100X

This photo shows: vessels with simple perforations; homocellular ray with all cells procumbent.

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